Orthopaedic Services

Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgeries

It is one of the very few medical centre of this dimension  who have two major operation theaters Both theaters are equipped with multi paramonitors with capnograph facility, central oxygen, suction and nitrous oxide supply, C-arm  image intensifier, Boyle’s apparatus etc.  The O T has all equipments and instruments specially required in managing orthopedic trauma , plastic and neurosurgery cases.


Knee Replacement & Spine Surgeries

Spine is made up of many individual bones called vertebrae, joined together by muscles and ligaments. Flat, soft intervertebral discs separate and cushion each vertebra from the next. Because the vertebrae are separate, the spine is flexible and can bend. Together the vertebrae, discs, muscles, and ligaments make up the vertebral column or spine. Different regions of the spine are named differently. The cervical spine refers to the neck, the thoracic spine to the chest, and the lumbar and sacral spines to the low back.


Ortho Scopic Surgeries

Orthognathic surgery a correct jaw alignment and occlusion, as well as, facial harmony is achieved. When the jaws are moved forwards or backwards, up or down, or rotated, the facial soft tissue in the chin, cheeks, lips and tip of the nose move accordingly.

Orthopaedic Services
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