Pediatric Services
  Vaccination for children
  Emergency management
  General health check up
  Pediatric evaluation and treatment of fever, cold, cough, and nutrition assessment.
  Evaluation of growth and development 
  Accessing information about your child
  Facilities for your child on the ward
  Infection Control
  Patient care
  Play area & Kids Activities
  Rights and Responsibilities
  Shared Care
  Respiratory medicine / Allergy
  Cystic Fibrosis
  Children’s community nursing service

A full range of pediatric services are provided at PCMC Hospital in dedicated child and family friendly environments. Children are seen in separate emergency department and outpatient department areas by medical and nursing staff especially trained in paediatrics.


Peadiatric Consultation

We are able to provide Pediatric Physiotherapy treatments to our patients. This treatment is an aid to children to help them improve their postural control, motion, strength and co-ordination. Assisted by a team of experienced specialists, we provide effective Pediatric Physiotherapy referrals for children to help them heal from aches.


Peadiatric Surgery

Pediatric Surgery offers comprehensive pediatric surgical care from newborn age till 18 years. Children, especially babies, present special challenges in surgery because of their small size and their responses to illness and surgery.


Vaccination Centre

As many as 70% of the parents do not get the vaccinations done on time. It’s important that the schedule is maintained timely and the child is protected from critical diseases surely. We go an extra mile by reminding our parent customers about the schedules so that they can plan their visit.



Our ICU programs combine:


1.    24/7 monitoring by experienced intensivist-led care teams
2.    Structured workflows focused on best practice compliance
3.    A collaborative data driven process improvement program that consistently drives adherence to evidence-based best practices in the ICU.



Child Development Program – We assess your infant's behavioral and developmental needs. This helps you to become well informed and comfortable in caring for your baby, and links you to community services that may be helpful when discharged. 

Pediatric Services
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