In patient procedures

   Booking Slip (for Maternity Cases).
Letter of guarantee from your Employer / Insurance Company, if part or all of your medical expenses are to be borne by your Employer / Insurance Company (if applicable).
  Your Test results, x-rays and list of the medications which you are presently taking.
  DEPOSIT- It is suggested that the deposit in accordance with the schedule of charges to be paid in advance, in order to avoid delay in completing admission formalities at the time of admission. The Registration Staff will inform you of the required deposit which may be paid by cash, cheque (made payable to pcmc) or major Credit Cards. No Deposit is to be collected from emergency patients requiring admission to ICU and also from company tie-up patients.
  The patient or his relative has to duly fill and sign the admission consent form prior to the admission.
  It is it be noted that the information given in the admission form should be correct as the same is noted in the admission papers and is used for all practical purposes like birth certificate, insurance claim, medico legal purposes etc.

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